Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends Cheats – Learn How To Easily Get Chrono Crystals

Dragon Ball Legends is an extremely engaging card-based battle game where you can assemble a team of fighters to fight with opponents. The game is very popular among Dragon Ball Universe viewers as most of the characters in the game belong to the same world. In this engrossing game, you can fight with a friend or random opponents, or you can choose to take part in the amazing story that the game has to offer. However, before you begin playing the game; read the below shared review to know in detail about Dragon Ball Legends currencies, characters and ways to upgrade them.

Dragon Ball Legends Currencies:




It is the main game currency, which is required to upgrade your characters and purchase better gear for them. You can acquire Zeni by competing in different battles or by playing story missions. However, the amount of Zeni required for assembling a team of best Dragon Ball Legends warriors is enormous and cannot be earned by these means. Instead, you can use Dragon Ball Legends Hack to get unlimited amount of Zeni within a few seconds.


Souls are another vital in-game currency, which is required for upgrading your character’s skills and to make them stronger. You can earn Souls by playing different PVP and PVE battles, or you can choose to play adventure missions. Moreover, you can spend real world money to purchase Souls from the game store. If you do not find that to be feasible, then you can generate infinite amount of Souls by using Dragon Ball legends cheats.


Crystals are premium game currency, which can be used to summon additional fighters in the battle. This denotes that Crystals have the power to turn the course of any battle. Apart from this, you can also purchase special items and characters with Crystals. Earning Crystals is not easy at all, so most of the gamers purchase it from the game store. Alternatively, if you make use of Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, then you can generate ample amounts of Crystals with a few clicks of the mouse. In short, hacking tools will let you assemble a team of best Dragon Ball warriors easily and quickly.

Features That Make Dragon Ball Legends A Popular Game Among Millions Of Gamers:

Different Characters:

The game features hundreds of playable characters and you can pick those that attract you the most. These characters are further divided into different character classes namely Melee, Defense, Ranges, and Support. Members of each character class possess unique abilities; for instance, melee characters can inflict greater damage in close combats while range characters are ideal for long range combats. It is important to gather a balanced team so that you can beat other players effortlessly or you can keep on altering your team every now and then.

Upgrades and Training:

The game offers lots of different gears, which you can purchase and use to equip your playable characters in order to enhance their skills. You can also train your characters to improve their all round abilities; for instance, you can train the defensive characters in order to increase their offensive capabilities.


As most of the gamers are not interested in PVP combat so the game offers a huge storyline, which will keep you entertained for a long time. You can play story missions that will introduce you to new character’s ball universe. The fact that makes story missions more fun is that the characters, as well as their likeness and voices, are drawn from the actual characters of dragon ball universe.

So, join the Dragon Ball Legends clan and have a wonderful gaming experience!