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Do you want to spend your free-time in playing a game that will let you read and play innumerable stories? If yes, then you should consider playing Episode: Choose Your Story game. It is an entertaining game that can be enjoyed by several gamers as everyone will find something or the other of their choice to read and play.

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It is a one of its kind game as you do not have to win or lose anything in the game. Each story consists of several choices, which you need to make wisely, or you can just use Episode Hack. Your choice will have path-breaking effects on the story. So, the entire story can be changed by a single decision that you make. One thing is for sure, when you start playing Episode game you will certainly get hooked to it!

What are Passes?

As you know that there are awesome stories in the game and you can read them but there is need of passes to begin. These can be obtained by various methods but the easiest one is to buy from the in-app purchases. It is quick, fast and reliable but requires real currency to get it. Another way is to use Episode Cheats.

On the other hand, the developers are offering you three passes in every four hours. It works on a user code so you can’t cheat the game by moving time four hour forward and getting them. The waiting option is better because you save money by this method.

However, the game was criticized by thousands of gamers in review section of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The issue was regarding passes because most of people don’t want to wait for these but still, the game is going well and getting popularity as per the time.

More About The Game

Innovative games earn fame faster than others and there is no doubt that Episode Interactive ltd’s new mobile title Episode Choose your story is going well these days. The accessibility over IOS and Android devices make it interactive and better to prefer. This game is best one for those who have potential of fabricating stories. One can create awesome and innovating stories. This game is offering the option to build a storyline, avatar and much more. Users are able to share stories with other readers too.

What’s The Actual Thing?

Users are able to create awesome stories in this game but all they need is currencies. This game is pronged into the storyline of popular TV series like pretty little liars. Here, users have to guide the character and make decision. The good thing is about unique ending of game. Each time, you take a decision, the story get the twist and move in that particular direction. It means the ending is always different. You need to make wise decision and the impact will be on the ending of story. Make a choice because you can’t go back or undo it. You won’t find a single time to feel bored about it.

Currencies and importance

There are two things that you have to focus on otherwise chances of getting into issues are higher. The first thing is decision you are taking. It is really an important thing because every decision can take you to different ending and you may not love it and the bad thing is no undo option. Even you can’t play the same story again.

The second vital thing is currency, it is vital as users can’t progress without it. Pass is the main currency and it is required to read stories. There are lots of methods to earn pass but the easiest one is to wait for the particular time gap. It can take little time but you can rely on it due to the effectiveness and there is no need to waste a single penny.

Gem is the premium currency and it can’t be earned easily. These are really important and hard to earn. You can buy these by spending real money but if you are not intended to go with this method then it will be better to play and earn.

Engrossing Gameplay:

The Episode game has a vast collection of varied stories, which can be enjoyed on IOS as well as Android platforms. You will find thousands of stories that consist of different genres like adventure, romance, action, etc. in the game. Each story has several episodes, which can be unlocked gradually.

In every episode, you will come across some choices that you need to make for progressing with the story. These choices can either be simple ones like deciding the dress to wear for party or tricky ones like selecting a guy among the two for a date. You need to make these choices carefully as a single error can change the entire storyline. To unlock these episodes, you will need plenty of in-game currencies, which are discussed below in detail.


Gems are the primary currency that is required for purchasing various items in the game like gaming character’s outfits, etc. as well as for crucial decision making. To earn Gems, you need to work hard in the game. Earn daily bonus in the form of Gems by logging every day. Most gamers buy Gems with real money. If you do not want to spend legal tender for acquiring Gems then you can use Episode Hack.


There are innumerable stories available in Episode game and each story consists of several chapters or episodes. However, only the first few episodes of each story are unlocked and can be read. If you want to continue reading the story then you have to unlock rest of the episodes by spending Passes. So, without Passes you will not be able to progress with the story. Hence, earning Passes becomes an important task in the game.

If you login to the game every two hours, you can earn Passes as rewards. There are many contests held by the gaming developers. You can participate in them and the winner can earn innumerable Passes. Social media networks play a vital role in the game. You can invite new friends to play Episode game, and whenever someone accepts your invitation you will earn Passes. Sync your gaming account with Facebook to earn a one-time reward.

By completing various quests in the game, you can earn Passes. Most players buy Passes with real money as they do not want to waste their time in acquiring them by using the traditional methods. However, a better alternative for them is to use Episode cheats to acquire unlimited Passes.

Publish Your Stories:

An amazing feature of the game is that you can display your creativity to the world by publishing your stories. So, if you enjoy writing stories, then you should avail this wonderful opportunity. Once your story gets published, it will be read by innumerable gamers so you need to ensure that you write captivating and error-free stories.

It is essential to check the stories that have already gained popularity in Episodes game so that you get a rough idea on the kind of stories that are trending. Another way to know the popular stories of the game is by joining the gaming developer’s Facebook page. On the page, several gamers will post their experiences as well as reviews on the stories that they have read. In this way, you will know the most trending stories and can write your story accordingly.

Another aspect that you need to ensure is that make your stories absolutely free of grammatical errors. Your story is going to be read by millions of gamers, so it should be 100% unique as well as engrossing. As mentioned above, each story is divided into several episodes. Your story should have scope for development so that you can keep writing and publishing various episodes for it. Moreover, the story should be captivating so that the reader gets tempted to unlock the consequent episode.

Episode: Choose Your Story game consists of thousands of stories. To make your published story popular, you need to promote it through varied ways. Some of the methods that you can use for advertising your story are through social networking sites, mobile marketing, email marketing, etc.

Syncing Your Game:

You can sync your gaming account with the social networking accounts like Facebook by clicking on the Settings menu. This will let you connect with millions of gamers around the world. Most of the gamers share their reviews on each story on the FB gaming page. By reading their thoughts, you can decide whether you want to play the game or select another one.

Moreover, you should join the gaming forums’ page where you can get your gaming related queries resolved. The gaming developers have even provided a help page where you can read the FAQs on the game. Most of the queries that gamers have in their mind has been resolved here. Some of the topics that are discussed in the help page are writing tips, creating stories, making right choices, etc.

Interesting Style Of Writing:

Each story accessible in the game is in the form of a short dialogue format. This aspect of the Episode game makes it easier to get connected with the current generation as the style of writing is similar to various popular chatting apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Nowadays, the young generation spends most of their time in chatting on these apps. So, playing a game that is similar to their routine tasks makes Episode game gain lot of popularity. The game can be played by gamers above the age of 13. Young adults can easily relate themselves in most of the stories that are published in the game as it highlights their issues as well as lifestyle. So, Episode: Choose Your Story game is gaining lot of recognition among the present smartphone gamers.

Attractive Features:

Some of the interesting aspects of the game that makes it popular worldwide are that most of the stories are interactive and will make you think as well as evolve. You can play different genre of stories each day and its outcome will depend completely on the choices that you make. The gaming character in each story can be customized as per your preference. You can change its skin color, hair, face, etc. and make it exactly the way you want your story avatar to look.

All in all, Episode game has the potentiality to keep you busy forever. As new stories are added each day, there won’t be a single occasion when you will not be able to pick a story of your choice. So, start playing and try using the Episode Choose Your Story Hack now and enjoy!

Episode Choose Your Story is a simulation game in which we can enjoy different types of stories. All stories are based on different genres. With it, the players are able to create their own stories in the game. For creating own story, the players should have creative ideas.

With the help of different types of objects, the players are able to add attractiveness in the game. For these objects, we need to spend in-game funds. The in-game funds can be easily collected with the help of episode choose your story hack. Upcoming details can help us in getting details about some features.

Features of game

The game is designed by adding different types of features. All features can help us in getting lots of entertainment and enjoying the game.

  • Avatar customization

Avatar is a kind of icon or frame which can represent us in the game. We are able to customize the appearance of an avatar as per the requirement.

  • Outfit designing

In the game, outfits are playing the most important role. It is an important thing for creating impressive stories. In the stories, the appearance of characters is playing an important role. With the help of an outfit design feature, the players can provide eye-catching appearance effectively.

  • Execute the ideas

The individuals those are interested in story writing for them it works as a good platform. Here they can visualize their stories by adding characters and numerous visualization effects. In these ways, we are able to create an own virtual world with stories.

  • A variety of options

The game is featured with different types of options. All options can help us in getting entertaining facts with numerous stories. The players those are interested in reading stories only, for them there are several pre-created stories available.

We are also able to participate in these types of stories. By participating in the stories, we need to choose a character and start playing the role. During all these things, the players need to make different types of decisions. These decisions are deciding the further activities in the game.

Key facts related to story creating

All players do not know that how to create stories in the game. The players those want to create the story they should be focused on upcoming facts.

  • First of all, we need to make a connection between social networking website & the game account. It can provide us the eligibility to use the story tab and create numerous options.
  • By connecting the account, the players can easily access it. Here, we can avail the tutorial services. In the tutorial, we can know that how to create the stories.
  • The game can be easily played on the mobile platform. When it comes to create stories, then we need to take help from desktops and visit the official website.
  • With it, we are able to access different types of guides for getting complete knowledge about the story creating process.

Follow these facts properly can help us a lot in playing the game properly and unlocking some interesting features.

In-game funds

The players need to take help from the in-game funds for different purposes. The episode hack are helpful in earning funds quickly. Mainly the game is featured with two types of funds those are – gems & passes.

Both currencies are playing an important role in the game. With the help of funds, the players can unlock different types of things for adding in the story. The use of gems helps us in getting premium items, and passes are used for basic things.


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