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Imvu Hack

Imvu Hack – Credits Cheats Generator 2019

IMVU is an online role-playing simulation game, which puts strong emphasis on social networking. The game allows players to create their avatar and take control of their destiny. If you have always dreamt to live life on your terms in a virtually enhanced reality world then IMVU is the right game for you. The below mentioned features will be helpful if you want to make your mark in the virtual world of IMVU.


Credits are an important game currency, which gives you access to lot of premium outfits and other gear that will help you in living your dream life. There are plenty of different ways to earn Credits in the game like completing different tasks or missions, logging to the game daily, etc. Completing surveys is also a good way to earn some amounts of Credits, and you can complete multiple surveys each day.


However, you can earn only a little amount of Credits by using these methods. Those gamers who do not wish to spend time on doing these petty things can get Credits by spending real money. In addition, there are lots of IMVU Hacks, which can assist you in getting ample amounts of Credits instantly and that too with zero hassle.

Promo Credits:

This is an alternate currency, which can be used for buying clothing and other items for your gaming avatar. Daily Spin is one of the most widely used way to earn Promo Credits in the game, as you will get a chance to spin a wheel each day. This will provide you with random amounts of Promo Credits. If you are lucky then you may get loads of Promo Credits with this method.

You can also earn Promo Credits by completing simple tasks such as creating a new account, verifying your email address, customizing your character, etc. However, with IMVU Cheats you can be limitless, as you can instantly access lots of apparels and gears by generating plenty of Promo Credits.

Developer Tokens:

They are special currencies of the game, which can be acquired by spending Promo Credits and Credits. Unlike other currencies, you cannot use Developer Tokens to purchase in-game items. This currency can only be used for paying specific fees. For instance, if you want to pay for product submission, then instead of using Credits, you can make use of Developer Tokens. When you use IMVU Hack, procuring Developer Tokens will become easier and quicker.

Social Network:

IMVU puts a good amount of effort in making social networking easy for its users. You can easily make new friends or stay in touch with your existing friends with IMVU. You can meet them and interact with their avatar through social chat feature, which enables you to send text messages and emojis.

Avatar Creation:

You can create your playable avatar by choosing from a wide variety of character customization option that the game has to offer or you can randomize and choose a character. You can even constantly alter the appearance of your character as per your preference. You can dress the avatar as per your mood since the game offers lots of outfits, which can be purchased from the game store.

Impressive Story:

The IMVU game provides a huge virtual world, which you can explore to the fullest. In short, you can make your dream come true by living the life as per your rules, because you are absolutely limitless in the game. You can write your own story by meeting new people across the globe and make new friends.

The game also has a dating simulator, which will let you meet special people in the virtual world. Also, you can visit exotic locations or live in a crowded city, go on blind date or party hard with your friends; whatever you select, the possibilities are endless!

However, one thing you should ensure is that you need to have plenty of IMVU currencies in your account otherwise you will end up grinding in the game rather than enjoying it. So, make use of IMVU cheats to enhance your gameplay completely.



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