King Of Thieves Gems and Gold Cheats That Works

King Of Thieves is an adventurous online game where you need to steal other player’s loots and upgrade your own dungeon, rank, and outfits. In this game, your playable character cannot die; instead your life will decrease from 100 to 0. However, you will still be able to play on until you pass the level or quit in a fit of anger. A good helper in this game can be our King of Thieves hack.


The graphics of the game are clean, simple, and attractive. You must take some time and stand still in a level to admire the beauty of the game. To enhance you game, you can spend real money and buy premium currency. Although you can earn premium currency throughout the game, but buying it with real money is easy or of course using King Of Thieves Hack is the most convenient way! And, for all those gamers who do not prefer spending their hard-earned money for buying virtual currencies should turn off the in-app purchases through their device.

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Gems – An Important In-Game Currency:

Gems are the special currency of the game that lets you achieve success in the game. This currency can be generated with King of Thieves hack. There are five different colored Gems available in the game – Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Yellow. Each of them has a number or value mentioned below its icon. The higher the value mentioned, the more valuable it is! When you combine three Gems of the same color, you will receive a potion that will be specific to the color of Gem. For instance, by combining Blue Gems, you will get a Gang of Thieves Potion and by combining Green Gems, you will get a Time Slow Potion.

How To Obtain Gems?

There are three methods to acquire Gems. The easiest method is to steal from other players. Another method is to harvest the occasional Gems from Gem Mines on the World Map. Gems can also be combined in totems by performing the ritual. However, this will enable other players to steal Gems from you. Last but the most preferable way is to use King Of Thieves hack.

Unique Gems:

The Unique Gems can be won only during weekly Challenges or stolen from the winner of a challenge. They have a high rating; hence, are unique! These Gems can be stolen but cannot be retrieved once they are stolen in the game. Some of the examples of Unique Gems are Feather Gem, Tinkling Gem, Snow Globe Gem, St. Patrick’s Day Gem, etc.

Magic Items:

Magic Items can either be purchased from the game store or can be acquired by completing a ritual or being generated with our King Of Thieves cheats. These items are used to craft and upgrade thrones and to obtain costumes in Style o’ Thief, which is a machine that works similar to a slot machine. Some of the Magic Items are mentioned below:

  • Leaves: These are the easiest and cheapest Magic Items to acquire in the game. You can use them to craft Brave Heart. It can be purchased for 10 Orbs from the game shop.
  • Powders: These are rarer than Leaves and can be used to craft Lucky Crystal and Wealthy Duke. It costs 35 Orbs and can be bought from the game shop.
  • Mushrooms: These are rarer than Powders and can be used to craft Lucky Crystal, Wise Judge, Sun Lit, Wealthy Duke, and Foreseer. You can buy them by paying 95 Orbs.
  • Eyeballs: These are the rarest Magic Items available in the game. They cannot be obtained in the first zone’s totems. It costs 295 Orbs in the game shop and it can be used to craft Foreseer, Sun Lit, and Wise Judge.

Gold Currency:

Gold is the main currency of the game that is used for upgrading traps and dungeons. Gold can also be used to create a new guild, skip dungeons during matchmaking, and to purchase default and secondary trap sets in new dungeons. Gold can be obtained by collecting from skulls, selling Gems, collecting from Gold Mines, raiding dungeons, winning prizes from weekly challenges, spinning the wheel after completing the maze, etc.  Gold can also be generated with King of Thieves hack.

Lock Picks; also known as Keys, are items that will let you unlock and enter dungeons. The level of the lock determines how many Keys are needed. You can acquire them naturally as it generates over time. As you keep progressing in the game, the limit and speed to acquire Lock Picks keeps increasing. You can even upgrade the limit and speed by using Gold in the castle or by purchasing Subscriptions. The level of lock determines how many Keys are required. For instance, the Bronze Lock uses 1 Lock Pick per Keyhole and the Gold Locks use 6.

Some Of The King Of Thieves Game Characters:

Lord Rastin:

He is the main antagonist of the story and the Gold League champion. He is the thief who transforms Geffi into a ghost by using his dark magic. Lord Rastin had sent the main player of the game to jail and stole his throne. However, once you beat all of the first five leagues, he will no longer be the King of Thieves.

Emperor Lurk:

He is one of the most dangerous Thief King of the game. He is the champion of the Diamond League. As soon as you defeat Lord Rastin, Emperor Lurk will review four dead thief kings or queens. Thus, you need to compete in their leagues and defeat all of them.


Missy is the champion of the Ruby League. She was once the Queen of Thieves. She was a very proud and stubborn thief. She never used to listen to trustworthy people who used to always tell her to stay away from monsters. Probably, her own red guard had killed her. Later on in the game, she was revived by Emperor Lurk.


She is a God Thief and is the champion of the Orbeuseus League. Moreover, she is the Goddess of Orbs and is the first God Thief of the God’s League. As compared to other God Thieves, she is a very proud thief who likes to annoy others.

Lady Painsworth:

She is one of the Thief Queens that was brought back from the dead by Emperor Lurk. She is the champion of the Sapphire League. Lady Painsworth considers herself to be the most fabulous queen of thieves. She loves fashion and is interested in traps. The blade stuck in her head is also considered by her as the latest fashionable trend.

Follow The Below-Mentioned Tips And Tricks To Achieve Success In King Of Thieves Game:

  • There are 14 leagues in the game like Wooden, Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, etc. The top three players in each league, at the end of every three days will be promoted to the next league.
  • When a player is promoted to the next league, he/she will receive a huge Orb Bonus. The higher league you reach, the more Orbs you earn!
  • By combining the Purple Gems you will get a Solution Potion, by combine the Red Gems you will get a Disable Trap Potion, and by combining the Yellow Gems you will get a Double Gold Potion.
  • When you are using ‘Find a Match,’ then make use of your break-in attempts wisely.
  • Try to use your Gold for finding some raids.
  • If you are looking for poorly-guarded totems with decent Gems in them, then make use of the Skip icon.
  • Gold cannot be stolen from the Gold Mine and the maximum amount of Gold that you can hold at a time is 500,000.
  • The currency that you will require to pay for special upgrades is Tears. You can acquire Tears by completing the Maze, winning prizes in Seasons, from Gold Mine with Subscription, and by landing on the Tears section of the Maze Spinner.


Overall, King Of Thieves is an interesting game with a unique concept. As you keep progressing in the game, the level of complexity keeps increasing, which makes the game captivating. The exciting and fun features of the game will keep you busy for several days. King Of Thieves game has scored 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, it is definitely worth a download and King of Thieves hack worth a try!

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