My Singing Monsters Hack – Get Unlimited Diamonds

In smartphone game genres, music is getting one of the popular genres these days. With the launch of My Singing Monster in the same genre by Big Blue Bubble, such games started getting intense popularity. It is a free to play game available for iOS and Android platforms.

This game has a number of competitive and interactive tasks with fun gameplay that everyone cherishes. The graphical performance of this game is good enough to impress anyone, and you get pretty good music collection to try out and play.

Completing tasks and playing music seems like the aim, but there are many other things to focus on. For a newbie, it might seem a little bit hard, but you won’t have to worry about if you focus on the basics. When you progress effectively, you earn coins from the same.

The coin is the primary currency here, and earning a decent amount requires lots of effort. Gamers are trying hard to reach on apex by collecting enough resources and trying out the impressive competitive matches, but they are not able to do it due to the lack of currencies.

It is a critical issue, but you don’t have to worry about the same because you can use My Singing Monsters mod apk. Earning enough resources becomes easier, and you have plenty of additional tweaks to help you out.

Essential Tips:

While progressing through the levels, having poor knowledge about the UI or mechanism of the game can make you get into several issues. Due to this, we made a list of top 3 essential tips that can help you out for sure. Let’s have a look –

Know About Your Goals

Developers are putting a lot more effort into making this game interactive. By adding plenty of goals in the same, they are making this game unique in all kinds. The main goals are –

When you level up in this game by earning enough resources, then new goals open up. You can find a number on the upper left side of the goal list. It represents that you have completed a goal.

In case you forget what the goal is, then you can find the goal icon on the main screen and tap on it. This will show you plenty of basic detail about the same. You can check out the completed goals here.

Category symbols are in the goal list, and you can find a heart for breeding and a proper description of the task. It seems like an easy way to explore what you have to complete.

Keep track of upcoming goals so that you never face any kind of issue. Make sure that when you know about the upcoming task, it becomes easy to prepare yourself. Even, you can consider the use of My Singing Monsters mod apk to get several additional tweaks to progress at a faster rate.

Few Breeding Tips for Effective Results

Breeding of dragon plays an important role in this game, and if you don’t know how to breed effectively, you can’t earn enough coins, and it can cause trouble with the overall progression. So, you should follow these tips during the rare promotion –

While choosing the right breeding strategy, you should consider an above-rated monster. For the two-element monster, prefer going with three-element, or you can consider the monster’s element for an effective result.

When you are breeding a three-element monster, you can consider the above rated here. Go with a four-element monster that will provide you the best outcomes.

Make sure that you breed elements when you are going with the four-element monster. It is a safer choice, and the outcomes are better to consider here. The overall production enhances, and you can rely on this important factor.

Breeding plays an important role in this game, and if you don’t know how to breed effectively, you need to be selective to avoid getting into any problem and expect the best outcomes.

Tips to Earn Coins

The coin is the primary currency in My Singing Monsters, and earning a decent amount matters a lot on progression. If you can’t get a genuine amount, progression becomes typical. Due to this, you can check out below-mentioned methods –

Take any of two monsters and then breed them. It is one of the easiest methods, and it doesn’t require you to consider the type of monster or about the element. It will provide a decent amount of coins.

When monsters breed makes an egg, then you need to stick the egg in the nursery. Wait for it because eggs take a little time to hatch. Once the egg is hatched, do not place any hybrid on the island, sell it right away and you can get free coins here.

Another method to earn a pretty good amount is to hatch the number of eggs and get awesome monsters. When you have plenty of them, you can sell all the basic monsters and earn tons of coins by this method. It is an effective and highly reliable choice to consider others.

Try to accomplish your goals

Players should always focus on their goals to understand the gameplay and other essential tips. When you start playing the game, then you can find the goals button on the top-left corner of the screen. You should tap on it to get amazing rewards. First of all, accomplish a goal, and then you can get the new objective to complete. With the help of accomplishing all these goals, you can get amazing rewards. Some of the goals will also help you to earn gems as well as other in-game currencies. You can also get XP and coins to increase funds in your account.

Upgrade your vault

Players shouldn’t forget to upgrade the vault because it helps them to get numerous benefits. After upgrading it, you are able to keep more material and essential items for your monsters. If you want to level up the vault, then it is important to spend crystal flowers. In addition to this, you also need to spend crystal flowers for removing trees and upgrading the castle. You don’t need to make efforts to earn them because you can get them for free.

Know about islands

Players should understand all about the islands in order to play the game in a better way. Each island has its own music track. Your monsters will sing different songs on different islands. If you have more than one island, then you can see it on the map icon present on the bottom of the screen. With the help of the map, you can easily move from one island to another. You should also try to remove the trees and rocks from these islands to level up quickly. Never forget to collect funds from the monsters present on your different islands.

Invite your friends

It is also possible to invite your friends in order to play the game. You should connect your account with Facebook, and then you can get a list of your Facebook friends who are playing the game. After this, you can tap on them to visit their islands. You can’t do lots of things after visiting their islands. You can see these islands and listen to their dragons, which will definitely help you to get unlimited fun.

Log in the game daily

Keep playing the game on a daily basis to earn a good number of coins to load your game account. If you are unable to play the game daily, then you should log in to the game to claim your rewards.  In the castle of the plant island, you should spin the wheel and try your luck. And if it is your lucky day, then your account will be credited with a good number of coins, diamonds, and food. You may also get some other rewards, including structures and rare monsters. You should spin the wheel daily to claim your rewards.

Breeding and selling monsters

While playing the game, you can unlock the breeding tree, which will help to breed monsters. In this way, you can create monsters as many as you want. After this, you should sell these monsters to get coins for loading your game account. It is a genuine method to collect coins, and you shouldn’t forget it. Breeding monsters in order to trade them is the best way to earn a good number of coins. You should also try out this method to meet your currency requirements.

build a mine

it is crucial for beginners to pay proper attention while playing the game. With the help of this, they are able to make progress faster. When they reach level 8, they are able to build a mini mine by spending coins. With the help of building this mini mine, you are able to create a good number of diamonds. If you have enough coins to buy the mini mine, then you shouldn’t forget to consider this method.

Upgrade the monsters

Once you have created or gained some monsters, you need to upgrade them from time to time. With the help of this, you can make them happy and get many other advantages. You may also get some specific instructions for making the monsters happy. After getting success in making the monsters happy, you are able to collect a significant amount of coins.

Level up your monsters

The entire gameplay revolves around monsters, and that’s why you need to focus on this aspect. Players just need to focus on singing and making music. Players should understand the methods to level up the monsters. You need to meet several requirements of food for your monsters in order to level them up. At the initial stages, it is not difficult to meet the food requirements of monsters because there are a few types of food available. But later you can unlock more types of food which makes the monsters more demanding.

Crafting buildings

Many crafting buildings can be found in the game, which has great importance. You should always try to keep these buildings engage with the crafting process. It is important for beginners to opt for the orders of items that take a lot of time to complete. If you are away from the game, then you can also craft these items. You can either go to sleep or complete your tasks after starting the crafting process of these items. If you are playing the game actively, then you should opt for the shorter tasks to complete them quickly.

Try to reach level 4

Beginners should try to perform better during the various tasks of the game. It is important for players to reach level 4, which is important to start the breeding process. If you want to breed the monsters, then it is important to level up faster. First of all, put your best possible efforts to reach level 4, and then you can easily take your other steps forward. It is also important to level up the singing monsters to level 4 in order to use them for breeding.

Consider the elements

If you have decided to breed monsters, then you need to take some important things into consideration. You shouldn’t forget about the number of elements of the monsters. It is really easy to breed the double element monsters. If you are trying to breed the monsters with more than three elements, then you may face numerous issues. Try to make good strategies in order to make everything easier and get success in breeding the monsters.

Food: The game consists of our little tiny monster, and it is evident that to make them grow, you’ll require feeding them with some stuff. Therefore, the food is also kept as the leading fund in the game, being an essential part of the game. Feeding these adorable monsters with food will help you in generating more income through them. Now you may be wondering about the aspect of the revenue, for that have a glance at the forthcoming paragraph.

Diamonds: Once you have raised your singing monsters, you can earn money with their help. You need to keep the monsters cheerful to obtain more Diamonds, and after you have collected enough amounts of Diamonds, you can open your orchestra and earn more funds.

The Diamonds can also be used to buy many pieces of stuff in the game like decorations, islands, upgrades, shards, and much more.

Keys: While playing the game, you’ll find out that there are dipsters. TO purchase these dipsters, you will require the keys. Also, these dipsters cost different on each island. One can earn the keys by:

  • getting them as a gift,
  • Through daily check-in,
  • Exchanging with real life money,
  • After completing the 16th level, one can generate the keys, but the only limitation is that first you have to get the access of the main currency.

Diamonds often referred to as gems in the game: The Gems are the premium currency and can be used to purchase various things in the game such as the simulated monsters, castle upgrades, hotel upgrades, to hasten up the time-dependent tasks in the game.

One can catch hold of the gems by playing mini- games, by accomplishing various tasks each week, through spin wheels, daily check-in rewards, by purchasing the gems by spending real money as an in-app purchase and much more.

However, to get instant access to the currencies, you can use the MY Singing Monsters hack. Thereby, you will get an unlimited number of currencies in the game. Thereby, you can enjoy the game without worrying about running out of the currencies.

These are easy to follow tips that you can rely on, and progression seems like an easy thing by earning enough coins using such effective methods. You can consider the config menu and get more coins from there. This is the last alternative, which seems like an effective choice to earn a pretty good amount.

So, what’s the final verdict?

My Singing Monster might be one of the hardest games to play, but if you stay selective and focus on several important aspects, earning a decent amount becomes easier. You can check out the in-app purchases to get a pretty good amount and progress at an effective rate.

If nothing works for you, then the great alternative in such a case is to go with the My Singing Monsters cheats. Earning tons of coin seems like an easy thing after that. We hope that this guide will help you earn coins and progress by collecting some of the best monsters.

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