SimCity Buildit

Use SimCity Buildit Hack For Generating Simoleons And SimCash

Are you interested in playing an online game where you can build an entire city from scratch? If yes, then SimCity Buildit will be an apt game for you. Published by Electronic Arts Games, SimCity Buildit is an engrossing game that can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices. In the beginning, you will be provided with an empty city and your job is to make it one of the most flourishing cities in the region. So, are you ready to take up some tricky challenges that revolve around building a city?

Well, before you start playing the game, you should know how to earn in-game currencies and some strategies to succeed quickly, which are mentioned below. So, keep reading!




In-game Currencies Of SimCity Buildit


If you want to buy new structures or upgrade the previously existing ones then you will need loads and loads of Simoleons, which is the primary in-game currency. There are several ways to earn Simoleons in the game. Doing daily tasks and numerous other missions will make you earn small amount of Simoleons. The taxes and rent that you take from your Sims can be earned in the form of Simoleons. Watching advertorial videos is also another method to acquire in-game currencies. However, these methods will make you earn Simoleons in lesser quantities. The quickest way to generate innumerable amounts of Simoleons is by making use of Simcity Buildit hack.


If you want to skip some tasks or speed them up, then you will require SimCash, which is the premium in-game currency. Players also use SimCash for upgrading items instantly. Earning SimCash in the game is quite difficult in comparison to Simoleons. You can earn little amount of SimCash by reaching new levels, completing tricky missions, expanding your city, etc. So, gamers prefer purchasing it from the game store with real cash as they can acquire SimCash as much as they require. Another alternative is to use Simcity Buildit cheats, which will enable you to generate unlimited amount of SimCash within a few seconds.

Tools like ours are the quickest method that you could use for generating Simoleons and SimCash. Moreover, you can even acquire special Tokens by using cheats. These Tokens can be used for purchasing premium structures for your city.

Tips And Tricks To Make SimCity Buildit Game Simpler

  • Keep Your Sims Happy – Sims are the inhabitants of your city and keeping them happy will make you reach new levels quickly. The easiest way to keep your Sims satisfied is by building the city with care. For instance, building only residential complexes will not work. You need to build recreational, commercial, as well as educational structures. The roads and other ways of communication should be planned and built well. If you provide good facilities to your Sims then they would certainly stay happily in your city; otherwise they may leave your city and migrate to another one.
  • Complete The Missions – You will get several missions and events to complete, which will make you earn SimCash as rewards. You can keep a track of your missions by checking the City Journal each day. There are certain missions that are available only for a particular day, so ensure that you do them every day as you can earn Daily Bonuses by completing them.
  • Acquire Tokens – There are special Tokens that have to be earned in the game, which are available in the form of Golden Keys and Platinum Keys. To earn them, you have to participate in certain contests or complete some shipments. These contests are held occasionally, so keep an eye on them and make sure that you participate. Tokens can be spent on purchasing special buildings, which will make you reach the leaderboards quickly.
  • Manage Your City – It won’t be easy to manage an entire city. You need to plan well so that the economy keeps growing. Building new structures is important but demolishing the unwanted ones is vital too. By razing down the old and dilapidated buildings, you can make space for new structures. Construct several factories and commercial areas so that your Sims can earn money and stay merrily in your city. Don’t forget to upgrade your factories as well as other structures. There should be enough number of hospitals and schools built near the residential complexes of the city. Grow more trees and ensure that the factories are built away from the residences so that your Sims can breathe fresh air.

Thus, by using some strategies, you will be able to make your city one of the most successful ones. Just remember to maintain a good balance between earning currencies and building structures so that you do not get bankrupt. Whenever you feel that you are falling short of Simoleons or SimCash, you can consider using Simcity buildit hacks and cheats. So, play responsibly and become the best Mayor of a city in SimCity Buildit game.