What’s the battle sequence for Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle?

It makes sense to team up with a group of very strong allies when going to battle. The same applies to the Dragon Ball Legends Cheats 2020. Going in alone will most likely lead to you being defeated by your opponents who would not have made the same naïve mistake as you.

When the battle begins, you will note some spheres before you. Btw you might not find this immediately when you start but later on in the game. You will notice that they have different colors and it is up to you to make the best decision by matching your character with the correct color sphere. The whole point of this spheres is to give you much-needed power that you will then use to cause some serious damage to any opponent that dares to face you.

For example, let’s say your character is Goku. Chances are very high most of us will choose the character that we know from the franchise. You need to match Goku with the correct color which is blue. There is no excuse that will save you when you mismatch Goku and a color sphere. So what you need to do now is match him with as many blue spheres as you can. There are some multicolored ones that work well with any character. But first, what you will have to do is see how many colored spheres you can link your character to and then proceed to do exactly that.

You will, of course, be monitoring the power meter in order to have an idea when your character is ready to release a powerful strike. This strike is capable of doing some very serious damage and must never be underused. The best way for you to get this powerful strike is by collecting as many spheres as you can in the smallest amount of turns; simply ensure that it takes you the least amount of time per turn to get a really big power boost. It would be good for you to find out which characters really suck up the spheres in the shortest time possible