WWE Supercard Hack

WWE Supercard Hack and Game Review: Get Unlimited Credits

WWE Supercard is an engaging card collectible battle game where you need to collect WWE Super Star cards and use them in order to battle with other online players. There are various game modes available like; Wild, King of the Ring, Road to Glory, etc. that can be played to show your skills. This review covers topics that are extremely important in the game. So, in order to excel at playing ‘WWE Supercard’ game you should read the review completely.



Game Tickets:

They are the primary in-game currency, which are awarded for completing various daily tasks and winning matches. Moreover, a small amount of Game Tickets are received for participation. You can use the Game Tickets to purchase WWE Card Packs, which will provide you with random players. It is very difficult to acquire plenty of Game Tickets as it is a time-consuming process. Instead, you can use WWE Supercard Hack 2019 to get infinite amount of Game Tickets immediately.


They are the most important game currency as you can use them to upgrade existing Super Star Cards and purchase exclusive card packs. A small amount of Credits can be received by completing certain event missions or by winning league matches. The most convenient way to get good amount of Credits is by purchasing them with real money from the game store as you cannot earn them in good quantities. Also, there are reliable tools like WWE Supercard Cheats, which can be be used to instantly generate plenty of Credits.


It is one of the most important components in the game as each time you use a superstar card in the match, their energy is exhausted. Your superstar will not be able to perform as per expectation unless their lost energy is replenished. Energy is automatically regenerated over a period of time or you can buy energy drinks with Credits. If you want to save time and instantly acquire lots of energy drinks for your superstar, then you should use WWE Supercard Hacks.

Different Game Modes:

WWE Supercard features lots of different game modes where you can compete with other online players. The most widely played game modes are Wild Mode and King of the Ring Mode. In Wild mode, you are provided with an option of three matched opponents from your tier. You can view their match stats; such as matches won and matches lost in order to choose your opponent.

Once both opponents are ready, each player needs to assemble a team of 4 Superstars – 2 female Superstars and 2 support cards, which they can choose as per their preference. The match will consist of three rounds, and the player who wins most rounds will win the match. Moreover, winners will also receive random superstar cards on winning the matches.

The King of the Ring is a very popular gaming mode among WWE Supercard fans as it gives them an opportunity to play against 14 different opponents. The game consists of over 50 different matches where players who win most number of matches will qualify to the next round. They will also receive rewards in the form of random cards, depending on their performance and standings in the match.

Super Star Training And Upgrade:

The game features a superstar training mechanism where you can train your superstars in order to make them stronger. There is also an upgrade mechanism where you can upgrade two same cards to make a stronger superstar. The Fusion chamber in the game allows the players to club two or more different cards together in order to create an altogether different superstar.

To conclude, the WWE Supercard game is filled with entertaining gaming modes and upgrade sessions. If you want to reach new levels of the game quickly, then you will require plenty of in-game currencies. It is recommended to use WWE Supercard Cheats for generating currencies so that you do not invest a lot of time in completing daily missions, as all your in-game needs are taken care of.